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Name:Jodi Kaplan
Company:Peak Reputation, Inc.
Address:30725 US Hwy 19 N Ste 243
City:Palm Harbor
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-282-4001
Cell No:727-560-6294
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Jodi Kaplan
Strategic Success Specialist with Mobile Marketing Expertise and Extensive Serial Entrepreneur Consulting Skills.

I have founded and grown several companies. My passion is effective marketing for business growth and I am focused regarding sales, marketing, effective training techniques, incentive implementation, and efficient communication Throughout my career, I have learned, developed and participated in business growth techniques and now am offering these techniques to organizations wanting positive results.  I have been referred to as essential in assisting businesses and their achievements regarding sales and marketing goals via online and offline effective representation, implementation and coaching.


Effective negotiation. BOM cost analysis. Purchasing and distribution management. Sales and marketing management. Internet and Social Media Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Consultative sales. Business Development.Online Reputation Management. Training. Coaching. Strategy Consulting.
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